Pfizer Second Shipment Arrival and Expats Deportation

According to the Ministry of Health, the second shipment of the Covid-19 vaccine to arrive in Kuwait Sunday. This second shipment will help to boost the vaccination process in Kuwait.

Expats Deportation

In a curfew violation, a nursery in Kuwait kept its doors open during the curfew. The nursery had 45 kids and six expats employees at the time of operation.

According to Alraimedia, the nursery’s teachers who were caught working during the curfew hours will be deported and “Citations” have been issued to the business’s owner and the kids’ parents.

In another case, an Arab expat to be deported for posting a video on social media. In a video posted to social media, The expat complained about the downgrading way the police uses when dealing with people during the curfew.

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