PCR for 9KD and Octane 98 for 200 Fils

The Ministry of Health decided to cap the PCR test to 9 KD maximum starting Sunday.

Also, Kuwait Petroleum Company notified distributors of the new price increase of Ultra fuel for cars, Octane 98. The price increased by 20 fils a liter. It used to be for 180 fils a liter, and now it is 200 fils a liter. Sports and luxury cars use ultra gasoline, and Kuwait’s ultra gasoline consumption ranges between 80 and 170,000 liters per day.

The company also confirmed the current fuel prices of the following :

  •  Octane 91 for 85 fils a liter
  • Octane 95 for 105 Fils a liter
  • Diesel for 115 fils per liter
  • Kerosene for 115 fils per liter

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