Expats Pay Hotels’ Quarantine Before Traveling

According to Alqabas, the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Saad Al-Otaibi, announced a quarantine at local hotels for all arrivals to the country for seven days at their own expense on February 21. Afterward, the traveler will finish his/her quarantine with another seven days at home.

According to the source, no citizen or resident travels outside the country except after booking and choosing their quarantine hotel and paying the financial costs fully before leaving. The first time arrivals must book the hotel through the Kuwait Traveler platform before their arrival to the country. 

 The new quarantine facts: 

  1.   Imposed on citizens and residents. 
  2.  Airlines confirm travelers’ reservations for hotels. 
  3.  Each hotel will allocate floors for the quarantined for a week. 
  4.  After the hotel, the person completes the quarantine at home. 
  5. Hotel financial costs are not refundable, and the traveler will pay them before they travel. 

Read more in Arabic: Alqabas

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