Discovering Kuwait

When you think of Kuwait, what do you think of? Have you ever wanted to travel to or learn about the beautiful country of Kuwait? This amazing Arabian country is full of life and unique culture. I’ve easily detailed some of the most important information for you to have a closer look into this Arabian land.

1. The people in Kuwait

Kuwait is located north of Eastern Arabia, on the northwestern part of the Persian Gulf. 

As of 2021, Kuwait’s population reached 4,307, 216. The people of Kuwait consist primarily of Kuwaitis, Asians, Arabs, and Africans. Kuwaitis’ population is a minority in contrast to the other ethnicities that reside in their country, due to the explosive oil industry bringing in residents from the surrounding countries. 

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Arabic is the native language, English being the second most taught language here. Other popular languages spoken in Kuwait are Urdu, Persian, and Hindu. 

The majority of Kuwaiti people are Muslim, meaning they are followers of Islam. Sunni and Shia are the two most popular sects among the people. The religious minorities of Christianity, Hinduism, and other non-Muslim people make up one-fourth of the population. All religions are allowed to practice freely in Kuwait. 

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Because Muslims are the most prominent religion in the country, it’s important that you follow their cultural traditions while visiting. 

Kuwait’s law deems the following illegal:

  • Drinking Alcohol in public
  • Homosexuality
  • Heterosexual sex outside of marriage
  • Pornography

just to name a few. 

Other customs you must follow while visiting are:

  • Dress conservatively.
  • Men and women rarely socialize in public.
  • Eat with your right hand.
  • Bring small gifts such as chocolate or a plant for hosts. 
  • Following the traditions of the Holy month of Ramadan during that period. 
  • Accept hospitality.

And many more!

2. Kuwait Cuisine

You will find some of the most delicious foods here. Kuwait cuisine is traditionally found throughout the country. Other influences from neighboring regions are Middle Eastern, Asian, and Saudi Arabian cuisine. Spices like cardamom, cinnamon, lentils, and raisins are sprinkled throughout many of the dishes. 

Popular dishes in Kuwait are: 

  • Machbos: The national dish of Kuwait, made with mutton, fish or chicken, and rice. 
  • Murabyan: Rice and shrimp accompanied by onions, and spices. 
  • Quozi: Stuffed lamb served with rice. 
  • Margoog: Meat stew cooked with vegetables and wheat pasta. Margoog is also served over vegetables and wheat dough or flatbread. 
  • Harees: This traditional soup is made from boiled cracked and ground wheat, usually paired with cinnamon sugar. This meal is very popular, especially during Ramadan. 
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3. Entertainment in Kuwait City

Being located in the desert doesn’t short Kuwait of having some very inciting entertainment.

  • If you love history and culture, check out Kuwait’s National Museum. This museum is full of the history of the Kuwaiti’s and features a planetarium and archeology exhibits. Guided tours are also offered. 
  • The Mirror House is an artsy house museum. The art exhibit was created solely by artist Lidia, owner, and resident of the Mirror House. This beautiful home is covered in a mirrored mosaic, which spreads over every wall and ceiling. You will be amazed by the magnificence and intricate detail of every room. 
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  • The Grand Mosque, located in Kuwait City, is the largest mosque in the country. The building is 220,000 sq ft, while the total area covers 490,000 sq ft. The mosque is known for the thousands of Muslims that gather there during Ramadan for prayer. Free tours are provided to tourists during the weekdays. In the main prayer hall, 10,000 men can be held. The architecture and sacred space of the mosque will have something for everyone to admire. 
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  • For sightseers, this next one is for you. Kuwait Tower is a group of three towers that oversee the city. The towers were built with a mix of Islamic and modern design, giving them a unique presence. Inside the main tower, you will find cafes and restaurants for your enjoyment. 
  • Children and adults alike love the Aquarium and Scientific Centre. The center overs shark diving and scuba lessons, hosts numerous species of animals and plants, and plays a variety of IMAX films. 

4. Experience Nature in Kuwait

Kuwait has a coastline full of beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular beaches to visit are:

  • Messila Beach’s sands stretch from Kuwait towers to Al-Bidaa, 75,000 meters. Food and drink accommodations are abundant here. 
  • Al Kout Beach is popular for families, noted for its white sands that oversee the Persian Gulf. 
  • Egaila Beach, located in Fintas, is another popular family beach. Here you will find gardens, beaches, and recreational areas. 

After spending time under the sun on the sandy shores of the Persian gulf, other ways you might enjoy spending time outside may include:

  • Al Shaheed Park, a diverse area of gardens, museums, theaters, walkways, a skate park, parkour area, youth center, and performance center. 
  • You can tour the deserts of Kuwait by camel, stopping by the oil rigs, and learning about the history of the land. There are different ways you can take these tours, such as dune bashing in SUVs. 
  • Failaka Island is located off the coast of Kuwait City. The island’s history goes back all the way to 2000 B.C. when the Mesopotamians settled here. You can take a ferry from Salmiya’s Marina to the island and experience the rich history it has to offer. 
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Kuwait is a country of many different people, religions, and cultures, making it one of the best destinations for your next vacation. If you like culture, history, beautiful beaches, and delicious food, Kuwait is surely for you. 

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