5 Ways to Earn Money on Facebook

Content-Creator is becoming a career nowadays. If you look around on social media, you find a lot of people who we call influencers. These influencers don’t do it for free, as you know.

On Youtube, if you have plenty of subscribers, you can earn a reasonable sum of money each month as long you follow their guidelines. Also, Tiktok is trying to start its revenue-sharing program.

Today, Facebook is working to catch up with the fast-moving content creator trend. It is offering:

5 different ways to earn money over its platform

In-stream ads

when you publish content, Facebook will place ads before, after, and anywhere in the middle of your video. How many views and who the advertiser is will determine how much you can earn. This method is suitable for:

  • Longer videos
  • Content that is suitable for advertisers


Fans can subscribe to your account with a monthly set fee, and in return, they will earn a badge and special offers and discounts. This method is suitable for:

  • Pages with a large, active following
  • Pages interested in offering exclusive bonus content

Branded content

Facebook will match you with the right brand or business. You will be creating tailored content to promote their business. This method is suitable for:

  • Pages with an active, loyal following
  • Topics most brands won’t see as risky


Viewers will be able to buy stars on Facebook and spend them on pages and posts that have stars available. This method is suitable for:

  • Individual creators and influencers
  • Game streamers
  • Creators who go live regularly

Paid Online Event

You can host an online event and collect a subscription. This method is suitable for:

  • People and businesses moving in-person events, performances, or services online


Now, if you want to consider this seriously and try to earn some money over Facebook, here is what you need to know: 

  1. Build original content: you cant copy other people’s work.
  2. Follow guidelines: don’t create content that doesn’t align with the platform guidelines.
  3. Stay away from harmful and abusive content: don’t promote or spread hate speech or destructive content.

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