Hotels Quarantine Suggested Prices

According to Alqabas News, Kuwait is about to issue the suggested prices for the traveler’s hotels quarantine.

The quarantine is obligatory for citizens, residents, and visitors. You can not leave the country without reserving your return back quarantine room in advance.

The quarantine room will take place in three, four, and five stars hotels and will be on designated floors administered by the ministry of health, according to reports.

 The traveler’s hotel quarantine will start on the 21st of this month. The suggested prices are for six nights and seven days as follow:

Five stars hotels:

King size room: 270KD

Queen size room: 330KD

Four stars hotels:

King size room: 180KD

Queen size room: 240KD

Three stars hotels:

King size room: 120KD

Queen size room: 180KD

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