Egyptian Expat Put Newborn in Fridge

Kuwait police are investigating an Egyptian expatriate who gave birth in her apartment in Fintas.

When the lady and her husband found the newborn dead they decided to put the body in the fridge.

After the baby’s birth, the lady felt tired and sick, so her husband decided to take her to the hospital. After conducting tests, it was found that she had undergone difficult labor.

They admitted that the birth had already taken place the day before in their apartment in the Fintas area, and the baby was dead, so they put its body in the refrigerator.

Police went to the apartment, where they found the baby’s body. Then the body was referred to the forensic examiner.

Investigations are undergoing, to find out if the baby was born dead or alive.

At the moment the Husband is being arrested and the woman is being detained.

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