$150,000 for Hacking Google Chromebook

According to Google.com, Google is offering anyone who is able to comprimize a chromebook in guest mode a $150,000. This is not a joke. Infact Google paid in 2020 alone about 6.7 million for participants who were able to discover flaws in Google different operating systems.

Over the years software companies started paying hackers/researchers to find bugs in their operating systems. Finding these bugs helps companies to run more safe and hacking free operations. In 2019 alone companies paid about $40 million to hackers through their bounty programs according to ZDNET.

Facebook alone paid about 2 million dollars for researchers from 50 different countries. The biggest bounty was for $80,000 for a bug found in their CDN system.

These researchers help companies to keep the tech industry safe by finding bugs and vulnerability before a real hacker access them. 

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