13 Kuwaitis Announced Missing in 1990 Found

According to the Middleast Monitor, Kuwait authorities were able to identify the remains of 13 individuals who were reported missing after the Iraqi invasion in 1990.

After the Iraqi invasion back in 1990, 13 Kuwaiti individuals were announced missing. After examining the remains of 13 bodies brought back from Iraq, Kuwait was able to identify them as follow: Badr Al-Kandari, Suleiman Taher, Tariq Al-Yaqout, Abdul Rahman Al-Shwaimani, Abdul-Mahdi Behbehani, Issa Muhammad Zaman, Abdul Rahman Al-Fayez, Muhammad Saad Al-Ahmad, Mohammed Al-Muhaini, Musfer Al-Dossary, Mahdi Al-Balushi, Mustafa Al-Qattan, and Yusef Al-Zamil.

SOURCE: Middleast Monitor

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